Libby Gill: How to Lead People Through Change, Challenge, and Chaos (Part 1)


As we begin the new year, executive coach and leadership expert, Libby Gill, will help leaders like you to inspire purpose and drive performance within your teams in the face of uncertainty and fear. She will also talk about how to make 2021 a good year, despite what life decides to throw at us.

Libby Gill: How to Lead People Through Change, Challenge, and Chaos (Part 2)


In Part 2 of Libby’s talk, she will go over the strategies that leaders can use to help their followers work towards change. She will also talk about how to set a vision that your team can understand and actually implement.

John and Jeremy: The Annual Pitch Competition


Our hosts for the 2021 Pitch Competition were none other than our very own John Bykowski (CEO of PM Grow Summit and Fourandhalf Marketing Agency) and Jeremy Pound (CEO of RentScale).


Mechanics: Each eligible sponsor was given only 60 seconds on the virtual stage to present their best sales pitch. Conference attendees got a chance to vote for their favorite contestants, and the winner was announced during John and Jeremy’s follow-up live workshop called “”The Perfect Pitch””.

John Bykowski: Positioned to Win: How Positioning can Help or Hurt a PM company


John will define the concept of positioning, explain the process, and show the world of a difference it can make to a property management company.

Lisa Wise and Grace Langham: Visionary vs. Integrator Fireside Chat: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


The concept behind each role is straightforward, but how does it feel to be in those shoes? Visionaries always get the spotlight due to the nature of their role, but the Integrator is the one turning ideas into reality. What does that relationship look like, and how can you make it harmonious and successful?


Marie Liamzon-Tepman from Fourandhalf Marketing Agency for Property Managers and The Property Management Show Podcast is the moderator for this fireside chat.

Matthew Whitaker: “The Grinder” Hiring Process


Could your hiring process be your company’s Achilles’ heel? Matthew shares his proven hiring methodology built for scaling a property management company.

Keith Becker: Earn Fame and Fortune Battling City Hall (*Results Not Guaranteed*)


It’s not a surprise that the local government can have an impact on any small business — but more so for an industry such as property management. If you aren’t involved with local government, then tenants control where legislation is going.

Greg Crabtree: Simple Numbers 2.0 Rules for Smart Scaling


Greg will share with us his Three Simple Rules for Business Success, the Five Forces of Cash Flow, and explains how to turn a profit in the simplest way. These tools and concepts will help you identify how well your business is doing so far, and how you can ensure profitable growth in 2021.

Mike Catalano and Jock McNeill: After the Acquisition, with Guest Jock McNeill


Mike and Jock will talk about what happens after the acquisition, how to keep that new book of business profitable, and what could happen if you are not prepared to handle the load. They draw from their extensive experience in the business acquisition game, and share valuable insights on how to avoid costly mistakes in the process.

Kathleen Richards: From Shooting Star to North Star: Removing Barriers to Growth


Kathleen will talk about different leadership styles, the barriers that are inherent in each one, and being more intentional with business growth rather than being reactive.

Steve Crossland: The ABC’s of Property Selection


Steve will lay out a framework for how to define the three “buckets” that each unit falls into: A, B, or C. He’ll talk about how each bucket impacts your bottom line, and how to be more productive and less stressed by transforming into an Authorized Fiduciary rather than a Subordinate Functionary.

Chuck Blakeman: How to Get off the Treadmill – Make More Money with Less Time


Chuck will help you regain focus on what matters most as a business owner, and equip you with practical advice so you can win the “Business Owner’s Game” big time.

Chuck Blakeman: Deep Dive: 12 Tools to Manage your Business and Gain Your Freedom


This session is a follow-up to Chuck’s talk “How to Get Off the Treadmill – Make More Money with Less Time.”

Here’s what attendees had to say:

If I could The one event I don’t miss every year is the PM Grow Summit… the people there are really committed to growing their business in a significant way and pushing the industry forward.

– Steve Welty

I think it’s a really good conference. I think the Speakers were great, and the breakouts were good… I think it’s just an overall great value.

Brad Larsen

I went to the first one… and found it so informative and just cutting edge in the business of Property Management. So, I’ve been every year since.

– Shirley Johnson

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